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Tips For Finding A Bail Bondsman To Help Your Friend Who's Been Arrested

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If you have a friend that has recently been arrested and called you to help them out of the situation they are in, you may be unsure of what you can and should do about the situation. One of the issues at hand, of course, will be their bond or bail. You will likely need to secure a bail bond agency to help you with getting your friend out of jail. Get to know some tips to help you with finding a bail bondsman for your friend. Then, you can be sure you are doing everything possible to get your friend out of jail safely and quickly. 

Encourage Your Friend to Negotiate Their Bail

There are laws in place to protect people from what is called "excessive bail" amounts. Excessive bail is determined based on the financial means of the person arrested, the severity of the crime in question, the criminal history of the defendant, and other factors. 

You should encourage your friend to try to negotiate their bail down as much as possible. This is especially easy to do if your friend is a first-time offender and/or they have little to no financial means to pay bail. In some cases, bail may be waved and the defendant released on their own recognizance, though this is increasingly rare. 

Know the Bail Amount Before Calling Bail Bond Agencies

Wait until the bail is set for your friend and you know the exact amount before you contact bail bond agencies about the situation. Different bondsmen charge different fees based on the bail bond amount and on other factors at play. You want to have all of the facts before you contact anyone. 

Once you know the bail amount, you can determine whether or not you can actually afford to bail your friend out of jail. For most bail bonds, you need to pay 10-15 percent of the set bail amount depending on the state you are in. Some bondsmen do charge additional fees on top of that amount. 

As such, comparison shopping is a good idea. Contact a combination of local and national bail bond agencies. They may have different fees and charges that will make a big difference in how much you end up paying. Choose the option that seems to have the best fees as well as the best terms of the contract you will be signing with the bail bond agency. 

Now that you know a few tips for finding a bail bondsman for your friend who has been arrested, you can be sure you are doing everything in your power to help your friend out of a sticky situation. While looking for the right agency to work with, visit their website for more information on how you can help your friend.


18 May 2020