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Four Ways To Find A Good Car Loan When You Have Low Credit

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Getting good terms on an auto loan is vital to making it easier to buy a new car, and you can accomplish this even if your credit isn't very high. Apart from shopping around for the best possible loan, you can also take a few different steps to improve your odds.

Make A Bigger Down Payment

If you're able to put off your purchase for a little while, you can take this opportunity to build up more savings for a down payment. Making a bigger down payment reduces the amount you'll need to request a loan for, which can boost your odds of being approved and possibly give you better rates. Depending on the term of the loan you take, this can also reduce your monthly payments. If you have any opportunity to do this, this is one of the better ways to improve your odds at approval.

Find a Cosigner

A cosigner with good credit can also noticeably improve your chances of getting approved for a loan with good terms. Any person who cosigns the loan with you is equally responsible for its payments, so this can be risky if you aren't able to make all of your payments on time. If you're confident you can, and if you have a partner or family member willing to help, this is a good option to take that won't require you to search for other loans or be forced to take one with a high-interest rate.

Reduce Existing Debt

If you have extra money on hand, the alternative to making a larger down payment is to pay off some of your existing debt. Your credit utilization ratio is a big part of your credit score, and reducing this can help a lot when it comes to getting approved for a loan.

Paying off debt can sometimes be a challenge, so it's worth looking into different ways to reduce your debt like making use of special offers on balance transfers with no interest or consulting a financial advisor to help you manage your debt.

Explore All Loan Options

There are many places you can find auto loans, and it's worth checking them all out to find your best option. Dealers often offer financing, but you can also look at banks, credit unions, and peer-to-peer lending options.

If you decide to do this and make applications to see what you can be approved for, it's a good idea to do these applications near the same time. Applications can sometimes affect your credit, so making these applications at the same time can minimize this impact.

To learn more about auto loans, contact a lender in your area. 


2 March 2022