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3 Things To Look For In A Cryptocurrency Chat Platform

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With the proliferation of cryptocurrency and related projects—from exchanges to blockchains to digital wallets—there is an increasing desire by both cryptocurrency veterans and new prospective investors to discuss investment opportunities and strategies on social chat platforms. If this is something you have recently been considering, but are not sure what to look for in the ideal social chat platform, take a look below at just a few of the things you should keep in mind before downloading one.

Emphasis on Security and Privacy

One of the biggest draws of the most reliable cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges is security. Investors want to know that their funds are being securely stored, and safe from hackers and scammers. Similarly, you should ensure that whatever social chat platform you choose uses end-to-end encryption. This means that only the sender and receiver of the message are able to view the content of communications. Other features such as multi-platform synchronization can help ensure that if one device suddenly seems compromised, private messages can still be saved on another.

Like-Minded Demographics

While several social chat platforms may seem similar, the demographics of each likely represent certain smaller communities more prominently than others. For example, one platform may be especially popular with developers, while another may see the majority of chats dominated by investors who are most interested in initial coin offerings, or ICOs. Just because a platform has a superior user interface and experience doesn't mean that it's the best platform for you or your team. Being a part of a chat platform's community can only pay off if you are surrounded by those looking to grow their knowledge (and accounts) in similar ways.

Feature-Rich Customization

While security and demographics are key, they mean little to nothing in a social chat platform that does not offer a significant number of features. Data backup to the cloud is just one of the features that most platform users deem a "must-have"; others include push notifications, group chats, channels, and large file transfers. Social chat platforms that focus on cryptocurrency, in particular, may also include everything from in-chat payment wallets to measures that eliminate chatbots. Of course, the degree to which you require these features will vary depending on your current situation, but it is helpful to identify which features you can't live without and choose a cryptocurrency chat platform based on these prerequisites. 

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20 June 2022