4 Costs You Need To Include When Figuring Out Your Sales Margin


When you figure out your sales margin for your business, you need to do more than subtract the cost of the inventory from the sales price of the item. Although this simple formula can help you see if a product is good to sell, it will not show you the actual profit margins of the product. If you want to know the actual profit, or sales margin, you need to look at the big picture.

21 January 2020

Making Your Mobile Credit-Card Transactions More Secure

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If you sell handmade goods, then you know that getting your items in front of new customers is critical when it comes to increasing sales. Participating in farmer's markets and craft fairs can be great ways to introduce your goods to a new group of potential customers, but these venues can present some unique challenges as well. Accepting credit-card payments for purchases made at temporary venues can be risky if you don't take the steps necessary to ensure the safety and security of the financial information being exchanged.

30 January 2017

Merchant Cash-Advance Questions Business Owners May Need Answered

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Meeting the financial needs of a growing business can be a tremendously difficult task for most people to do. For business owners that are battling to meet their enterprise's cash flow needs, a merchant cash advance can be a great solution. Why Would Your Business Need A Cash Advance? Often, there are enterprises that may experience dramatic swings in cash on hand. This can be particularly common for businesses that have relatively slim margins on their products or services.

28 December 2016